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Who will be the first to call out an item of clothing that starts with "P"? How about a comedy movie that starts with "C"? Be the fastest to call out a word that fits the category and starts with the letter, or call Katootsie! to put the heat on everyone else! Now, everyone else has only 10 seconds to come up with an answer. If no one comes up with anything, the person that called Katootsie! wins the letter. But if someone does think of something after Katootsie! has been called, that person wins the letter and takes one of yours!

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  • Easy to learn, easy to jump right in!

  • Family friendly!

  • Easy to travel with!

  • Guaranteed hit at your next party!

  • Perfect for your "I don't like games" friends!

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Hi I'm Angelo! I love games, swing dance, traveling, and cats.


I am so sorry to say that I can't remember how I came up with the word 'Katootsie,' but I have always loved playing with language and words, and making up words. I came up with the word some 10 years ago meaning 'a minor, inconsequential mistake.' Or maybe just something you say when you make a minor mistake. It just sounded funny. Then I came up with the game. My cousin said 'you should call the game 'Katootsie' and I was like 'absolutely yes' and the name stuck ever since. I came up with the concept of the game while bored on a train. I thought about a category (like, things that are terrible), and then listing something for every letter of the alphabet. Arsenic, brutality, conflict, etc. Then I thought about all the categories that could have a word that fits into it starting with every letter of the alphabet. I compiled a list of categories.


What if no one could think of anything, though? That might be boring if everyone was stumped and no one said anything for a while. So I added the concept of the timer. Anyone can hit the timer to force everyone to think of an answer in under 10 seconds. If no one does, you get the letter! After many many play tests and many revisions, Katootsie was born!


It's been a labor of love putting this game in the world, and I really hope it brings you fun, laughter, and closer to your loved ones.


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